March 3, 2021

Electronics Recycling at Work

Welcome to EPRA, in which you could find out how and wherein to safely control cease-of-lifestyles electronics for your enterprise. Unwanted electronics are the quickest growing section in an already increasing strong waste movement – yet upwards of ninety% in their component components can be recycled. Our cease-of-life electronics are filled with assets that can be thoroughly and securely recovered and reused.

EPRA British Columbia will help you thoroughly control your give up-of-life electronics, inclusive of workplace merchandise like printers and contact systems.

Televisions and monitors, consisting of numerous technology inclusive of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), flat panel (LCD, LED and plasma) and rear projection.Ncludes corded and cordless phones, in addition to cellphone answering machines.Printers designed to are living on a work floor, along with laser and LED, ink jet, dot matrix, thermal, dye sublimation and “multi-feature” replica, experiment, fax and print devices. Stand-alone computing device fax machines are also included on this class.Includes 12 volt battery powered journey-on toys, electric powered trip-on toy vehicles or vehicles and electric toy scooters. Includes electronic toy promotional gadgets (i.E sold with food), electronic key chains, motion figures or dolls and electronic toy cars.

Vision, Mission and Mandate


To be recognized in Canada because the main operator of environmentally responsible, regulated, price-powerful applications for end-of-life electronic products.


As an industry-led no longer-for-income organisation, we enable:

Businesses and consumers to control their electronics responsibly.

Obligated stewards to gain regulatory compliance.


Provide a country wide electronics quit-of-existence software for Canada that acknowledges the uniqueness of each Provincial Regulation and suitable stakeholders.What started as an afternoon of protest on April 22, 1970 has advanced into an annual week-lengthy party all over the global. In Canada, the first Earth Day became held in 1980. Now more than a thousand million people in over 192 countries take a look at Earth Day and take part in Earth Week occasions.

It’s the time of yr when people and groups mirror on their very own environmental effect and set new sustainability goals. When it involves our behaviour, sustainability isn’t always a sooner or later or even one week repair – it’s something that needs to be front and centre year-spherical.

There is one, simple behaviour we will all undertake that makes a tangible difference for the environment. By well recycling cease-of-lifestyles electronics we also can make sure that the reusable resources interior are recovered and placed again into the producing circulation. Our electronics incorporate the whole lot from plastic and glass to gold, silver, copper and palladium. It can all be recovered and reused, and most significantly from sustainability viewpoint, lessens our dependence on mining for new resources.

Electronics Recycling at Work
Electronics Recycling at Work

Surveys have shown that 80% of Canadians have obsolete or give up-of-life electronics at domestic. Safely and securely recycling the unused and undesirable electronics in our homes guarantees they’re saved out of landfills and averted from being illegally exported or dealt with by means of irresponsible recyclers.Think approximately this – with the aid of 2020 it’s expected there may be 50 billion digitally connected gadgets globally and presently, extra than 1/2 the arena’s population is the usage of the internet. This Earth Week, permit’s all determine our non-public ecological footprint and consider what we can do as individuals, communities and countries to contribute to our sustainable destiny. Properly recycling our old, broken or out of date electronics is a no brainer. We all have a exquisite opportunity to do the right thing for the surroundings, so permit’s take all of the proper intentions that Earth Week generates and turn then into high quality motion.

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