The 2021 iOS Predictions New iPad Pros, less drama

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst Okay for most of us, 2020 isn’t the best of times, but on the iOS page, Apple seems to be in feast mode or starvation.

The company released five new iPhones (did you forget the second iPhone SE?) And there is a massive revision of the iPad Air that has turned it into a low-end iPad Pro.The iPad Pro has received a massive update. But it’s an amazing new accessory in Magic Keyboard for iPad!

There’s more to cheer than the buzz in the iPhone and iPad world in 2020, and that puts it ahead of most people around the world, but will 2021 deliver better? Time to make some predictions

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Lucky number 13
The past two years have seen Apple add one digit iPhone name to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, which usually makes me sure the iPhone 13 is on the horizon instead of the iPhone 12S, but we live in the world. Some buildings are not labeled. The thirteenth floor is the thirteenth floor because… boogins? Bad mojo? Superstition, that is the world

Will the iPhone 13 really exist? I don’t see Apple jumping over it and going straight to 14, and Apple can’t ever tread the water by adding a letter to the end of the iPhone 12 forever.My money is on Apple calling it the iPhone 13, making it a superstar joke. On the product launch and continue as usual

After a massive external design refresh with the iPhone 12, I expect Apple to leave things in 2021.The new iPhones will look more or less similar to the current model, although there will be some new colors, some textures, and maybe some. “Smaller notch” for the TrueDepth camera stack.

It looks like it might take another year or two before Apple tried out the foldable iPhone, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we had a “portless” iPhone built by omitting the Lightning port. If that happened, Apple might. Fix the MagSafe connector released this year to support data transfers and toss in the box. But if I had to guess and I get it, that’s why I’m here.I guess a lot of rumored portless iPhones won’t be in 2021, so why force yourself to include a MagSafe charger when you can sell it. Is it a lucrative add-on?

If you bet Apple adds some camera enhancements to the new iPhones, you’ll never go broke. I’m sure the next generation of iPhone cameras will have to be better, bigger, able to capture more stills and video, you name it. The sensor stabilization feature that debuted this year on the iPhone 12 Pro Max might make its way to the iPhone Pro, and I predict Apple will continue to bring the high-end features into the Pro Max.

Finally, I will predict that the global pandemic will eventually affect the iPhone lineup, given the ubiquity of social masks and the unfortunate hurdles they form in Face ID scanning. Bring Touch ID embedded with buttons from this year’s iPad Air into the next iPhone as a Face ID addition.

Update iPad, of course.
I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but the 2020 iPad Pro update is a bit overwhelming. The iPad Pro’s A12Z processor now uses 2-year-old technology, all updates feel like a placeholder, and by 2021, we should get a decent iPad Pro update that uses the A14X processor that delivers near-performance performance. As we see on the Mac with M1.

The other addition that I would like to speculate for the iPad Pro is the display.I don’t think the iPad Pro will be larger as people who use the 12.9-inch model every day, it’s already pretty big. Making any model bigger will force Apple to produce a new Magic Keyboard, which is a pain.

But what about the display technology inside the iPad Pro? There are conflicting rumors that Apple will use micro-LED technology in the iPad Pro, but it seems that the ability to announce the iPad Pro as a true HDR display will be what Apple wants, right?

Operating system updates are coming.

Apple always surprises us with updates to the operating system and iOS 15 brings surprising new features and tweaks to the original standard.

What I’m most interested in, however, is the iOS 13 feature it brings to the iPad for the first time: a redesigned home screen with the ability to place widgets anywhere instead of in the sidebar on a single page. I saw why Apple didn’t try to recreate the iPad home screen around the same time as the iPhone, but now is the time. It’s time to rethink the whole thing, maybe it will change more from the design of the iPhone than anyone could have imagined, I think it will happen.

Aside from that, I think we might be in a relatively quiet year for iOS.To ensure a massive amount of work takes place under the surface, Apple needs to improve app flow from the iPhone and iPad to the Mac, working to include it. Improving iPad and Mac Catalyst and evolving SwiftUI into a multi-future platform.

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